‘A missing Little Ship’ arrives at Hull Marina

‘A missing Little Ship’ arrives at Hull Marina

Hull marina extends a warm welcome to Mimosa ‘A missing Little Ship,’ due to arrive at the marina next month. The vessel, built in 1935, is currently berthed at St Katherine Dock after taking part in the Classic Boat Festival.

Mimosa - Dunkirk vessel 1940  Mimosa stationed at St Katherine Dock

‘Mimosa’ was requisitioned along with many other pleasure boats in 1940 for ‘Operation Dynamo’ and, after being provisioned and fuelled at Dover, left under the command of Lieutenant Commander Dixon for three trips to the beaches off Dunkirk.

Immediately after buy finasteride Dunkirk Mimosa was chartered as an Auxiliary Patrol Vessel and had a name change to ‘Ocelot’, thereby hiding her contribution to the evacuation.

The name ‘Ocelot’ remained with her when she finished war service and was retained when registered for the first time in 1951, 16 years after she was completed at Thornycroft’s yard at Hampton-on-Thames. She was one of four identical hulls completed there, two returned from Dunkirk whilst the other two did not survive the war years.