Archbishop of York visit to Hull

The Archbishop of York will be travelling to Hull Marina by boat from Hessle.
There will be a flotilla of over 20 boats representing Hull Marina including two historic hull sailing barges, a fire fighting launch with its water cannons going, police launch and Humber Rescue vessel. The Archbishop will be aboard our training rib which will be launched from the Humber Rescue slipway at Hessle (directly beneath the northern side of the Humber Bridge)
All participating vessels will need to congregate in that area for no later than 10:00 on Saturday 13th May as this is when we will be launching. High water at Hull Marina is 08:34.

VTS have agreed for the fleet to utiliize VHF Channel 08 for ship to ship communication, this is for use by the vessel (Historic Ship Amy Howsen)carrying the media to communicate with the Archbishop’s boat and coordination of the fleet. The historic ships pictured above will be leading the way with the Archbisop’s boat.