Bath caravan park extension

Outline proposals to extend the caravan park

For some time we have been investigating how we can improve and enhance our caravan site at Bath (just off Brassmill Lane). The site caters for 32,000 visitor nights to Bath over the course of the year and bring tourism benefits to the area. The season starts in March and continues all year, even November and December are in full occupancy due to the highly attractive Christmas Market.

Our outline proposals to extend onto the adjacent Council recreation land will require Council approval and be subject to a planning application in due course. The proposal will add around 30 pitches to the existing 88 making available an additional 10,000 visitor nights, and allow a small area to be given over to tents—something that we can’t accommodate at all currently.

If we can secure an extension we can look to invest in a better reception area with an enhanced retail offer (grocery store, bistro café) which will be accessible to the local community. But before we can progress with a full development proposal, we need to engage with local residents and other users of the site to gather views and suggestions.

We understand that at first sight there is some loss of recreation space but we have carefully considered how we can:

  • utilise an adjacent plot within the area of the caravan site for dog walking
  • re-site the play space and improve its attractiveness
  • improve connectivity of the site with adjacent cycle networks, with designated/gated access

We have discussed proposals with the Council Parks Team so that we have a scheme that could be acceptable to all concerned.

The proposal

Bath Caravan Park extension layout plan

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Questions & answers

We have discussed proposals with the Council Parks Team so that we have a scheme that could be acceptable to all concerned. Capturing views of local users is an essential part of the process, so please see our detailed questions & answers below for more information:

Why are you proposing to extend the caravan park?

  • There has been substantial growth in the existing caravan park such that during most of the year the park is full and we are turning visitors away.
  • Due to the location and proximity to the centre, the caravan park is very popular and the provision of additional affordable overnight stays, will provide increased visitor numbers.
  • The increased visitor numbers will increase spend in the cafes, bars, restaurants and shops in Bath.
  • The extension will provide additional local employment to maintain the site.

This area is in fact a ‘bund’—structured to act as a buffer between the caravan site and the adjacent residential homes. It is not relevant for permanent development, but is suitable for through walks by pedestrians/dog walkers.

  • Our priority is to avoid turning away visitors to Bath by touring caravans/campers and also to have a more sustainable number of pitches that will allow us to further invest in the site to update it.
  • Observations from caravan site users mainly state—great location for visiting Bath, but site needs updating and more pitches needed.
  • We cannot justify improving the site unless it is enlarged and investment is sustainable.
  • Our touring caravan users obviously, but local residents also who use the recreation space and particularly those that want a more conveniently located play area.
  • The Council, as a landlord of the caravan site will benefit from more rent from the caravan site.
  • Walkers, cyclists, passers-by as a result of improved connectivity between the Riverside footpath and Park & Ride.
  • If the enlarged site is successful an improved retail/café offer will be accessible to the local community.

We appreciate that this is used by the local community, but the proposed extension will still make provision for open areas for dog walking, with additional areas being provided.

  • The land may not be as flat is the existing, but the space will allow dogs to roam freely and unrestricted. This location also can be connected to the adjacent river path, thereby offering direct access to further appropriate dog walking routes.
  • This additional land is not being solely provided for dog walkers, this will be public open space within the defined boundary of the caravan park.

I would anticipate that should the council approve the scheme, they would seek for their space to be maintained by the caravan park operator.

We are aware that there is an open field adjacent to Brassmill Lane, Victoria Park is within 2 km and there is a well-established riverside walk, all easily accessible for activities.

The land is owned by the council as is the existing caravan park, this area is managed by the parks department and should this proposed extension be granted, the land will have to be leased from them.

As part of the proposal we would seek to:

  • Relocate and improve the quality of the children’s play facility, allowing improved access for pushchairs, providing clear separation from dogs.
  • Improve the safety of the site with secure fencing and include the area to be monitored from our caravan park CCTV.
  • Development of the open space, to make this safe and level, provide for seating to facilitate greater use, with improved waste facilities.
  • Provide for better management and up-keeping of the public accessible spaces, with regular weekly maintenance in the summer months, providing a higher quality are for public use.

Our proposal would be to relocate to the other side of the area, allowing easier access from the pathways, with updated equipment, safer space to playing and we can improve the lighting and security of this area.

We have had suggestions that we should talk to local schools and visit Alice Park to incorporate the most appropriate aspects.

We appreciate the safety and security of children is paramount and the new area could be covered with the caravan parks CCTV that is being proposed. In addition, new lighting will improve the area.

  • We have to improve the commercial sustainability of the site through greater touring caravan capacity as a priority.
  • The current reception location and retail space is woefully inadequate, so re-siting these as the proposal on the plan is the priority to follow.

No, this would be accessible for residents, walkers, cyclists, as well as caravan guests. This would expand on the small shop currently on site in the office.

  • The Council support the expansion of the business and have indicated certain features that should be part of any eventual planning application.
  • Local Councillors are aware of our proposals and suggested that we hold the open day event – which we did conclude on Wednesday 22nd November.

We hope that this Q&A answers all your queries but if there’s anything not covered please drop us a line through our enquiry form and we’ll come back to you directly

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