Boat Familarisation Session

The BWML school boat “Little Gem” has been back in action this week.

Following on from the Spring Market where as part of the RYA Active marina programme we were giving people the chance to try their hand at boating, we were approached by one of our customers, Mr Lister and his wife, who currently moor their cabin cruiser with us at Sawley Marina. Mr Lister, preferred name Bob, explained that they are considering purchasing a narrowboat to live aboard but he had never driven one. So we offered him the chance to come and have ago on our school boat and take part in one of our boat familarisation sessions.

So yesterday morning (Wednesday 19th April), Ryan, Julie and Bob went up the River Trent, which is a nice open stretch of water, the ideal location for somebody to get to grips with handling a new boat. When we arrived back into the marina, it was a great opportunity for Bob to try manoeuvring the boat and get to get it back on the mooring. Even though this was Bob’s first time at handling a narrowboat he did a brilliant job, and we look forward to arranging another session with him and his wife.

If this is something you would like to take part in then please feel free to give us a call to discuss and make an appointment.