BWML marinas reassessed for Gold Anchor ratings

Sawley — Neil Simm

It’s that time again, when we get our marinas reassessed for Gold Anchor ratings.

The independent assessors from The Yacht Harbour Association (TYHA) have already been out visiting Sawley, Kings, Cowroast, Apsley and Priory carrying out onsite assessments. They are next due to visit our marinas in the North West and the North East.

We are getting their feedback in follow up to each visit, but we will receive from them a report for each marina which will provide us with our overall score and Gold Anchor rating. The report will also give us information and advice as to where we can make improvements. We hope to have all of our marinas assessed by end November and have the reports at a similar time.

Alongside the onsite assessments, TYHA carry out mystery shops on each marina to assess how we behave in enquiry situations. They also issue a berth holder survey (which we included with our annual survey over the summer and have provided them with the replies to their three key questions).

We will update each marina as we hear more, but you can read a bit more about the scheme on our customer information page.

Of course, we hope to retain our current Gold Anchor ratings, but the feedback that we get from the TYHA assessors will enable us to see where we need to things differently or where we can make improvements.