Council Tax for Residential Moorings

As a residential moorer in a BWML marina here is everything you need to know on paying council tax.

A residential mooring will be liable for either an individual Council Tax assessment or could be part of a composite assessment within the marina. As a general rule where a boat enjoys EXCLUSIVITY of the same berth all year round, then an individual Council Tax payment will be payable. Where a boat does NOT HAVE EXCLUSIVITY of the same berth all year round, and this can be demonstrated*, then inclusion in a “Composite” assessment may be appropriate.

To understand more, the following 2 links should be viewed:

  1. Important questions and answers clarifying council tax options in BWML marinas
  2. The VOA published guidelines on qualifying for composite council tax

*Through checks undertaken by the marina

As a Marina Operator who now provides over 700 full planning approved residential berths, BWML welcomes this clarity in the guidance issued by the VOA.

If you are a BWML Residential Contract Holder and you have not previously indicated your preference, we request that you confirm your preferred council tax option after reviewing the above criteria, by clicking on the button below.

Confirm council tax options

Once received you will be added to the appropriate database. If you select to have a separate or individual assessment then BWML will make available to the relevant local authorities your details to enable direct billing. If you have selected to be part of the Composite Assessment, you are thereby confirming to comply with the BWML’s local managers request that during any contract period you will be reallocated to an alternative berth.