Revised electricity charges

We wrote to customers in the Spring of last year (2017) to update on the electricity charges which prevailed at that time and highlighted that we would be conducting a tender process during the Autumn of 2017 to inform electricity charges for the two year period commencing November 2017.

Electricity prices vary regionally based on best local supplier and the weighted average prices that we will be paying across the whole of BWML are as follows:

  • Combined rates from November 2015 to end October 2017 have been 11.32p
  • Combined rates payable from November 2017 up to end October 2019 are now 13.51p

The pricing matrix below shows the new prices that will be charged to customers including an adjustment for the under-recovery in the period 1 November 2017 to 31 March 2018 to cater for the timing difference between the date change in our supply rates and the review of our electricity charges.

Marina Current Rate Unit cost adj. Add in kVA Standing Charge Under/over recovery New charge Inc. VAT @ 5%
Apsley 9.79p 1.27p 1.18p 0.82p -0.12p 12.94p 13.59p
Bath 10.46p 1.29p 0.65p 0.42p 0.18p 12.99p 13.64p
Cowroast 11.35p -0.83p 0.79p 0.03p -0.14p 11.20p 11.76p
Diglis Basin 10.14p 1.21p 0.58p 0.74p 1.39p 14.06p 14.76p
Galgate 10.97p 1.73p 0.00p 0.84p 0.34p 13.88p 14.57p
Glasson Basin 10.89p 1.41p 0.00p 0.45p 0.32p 13.06p 13.72p
Hull 10.20p 1.32p 0.21p 0.27p 0.32p 12.32p 12.94p
Kings 10.34p 1.22p 0.32p 0.37p 0.69p 12.94p 13.58p
Lemonroyd 9.96p 1.95p 0.13p 0.48p 0.35p 12.88p 13.52p
Limehouse Basin 10.06p 1.00p 0.49p 0.50p 0.88p 12.92p 13.57p
Packet Boat 10.52p 1.18p 0.38p 0.25p 0.75p 13.08p 13.73p
Pennington Wharf TBC
Poplar Dock 10.57p 0.51p 0.80p 0.27p 0.70p 12.84p 13.48p
Portavon 10.58p 1.22p 0.35p 0.66p 0.64p 13.45p 14.12p
Priory 10.45p 1.15p 0.35p 0.47p 0.71p 13.12p 13.77p
Ripon 10.21p 1.39p 0.20p 0.66p 0.77p 13.24p 13.90p
Sawley 10.32p 1.40p 0.29p 0.23p 0.46p 12.70p 13.34p
White Bear 10.60p 0.94p 1.09p 0.37p 0.21p 13.22p 13.88p

The above prices will be in place until 31 October 2019, which will align future rate changes with the renewal of our electricity supply contract.

Electricity prices have risen sharply since the previous tariff charged, but it has to be recognised that the rate being charged up to 31 March 2018 has been in place since November 2015.

The overall average unit rate across all BWML marinas is 13.5p per unit (inc. VAT) which compares similarly to domestic (housing rates) which are generally in the 11.5–14p / kwh range currently*

* Domestic rate quoted excludes daily standing charge payable which is incorporated into our unit rate.

Electricity Annual service charge

This will be increasing to £42 per customer account per year effective from 1 May 2018, as calculated below. The service charge will continue to be reviewed on an annual basis.

Infrastructure Expenditure (10 year life)
Provision and installation of bollards 241,921
Supply and installation of metering hardware and software 58,880
Electrical supply upgrades and works 162,764
Grand Total 463,565
Useful life (years) 10
Infrastructure cost per year 46,357 [A]
Annual running costs
Consumables (cards, tokens etc.) 4,036
Support contracts for software 4,524
Maintenance and repairs 25,495
Administration 4,056
Annual running costs 38,111 [B]
Total annual costs of providing electricity [A] + [B] 84,468
Number of customers 2,005
Annual charge per customer £42.13