RYA Active Marinas

BWML is proud to be a major contributor and member of the Royal Yachting Association’s Active Marinas programme. We are delighted to offer our berth holders exclusive membership of the RYA.

Personal Membership — £25.00 (per year)
Family Membership — £35.00 (per year)

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Joining is easy—just talk to your marina team

The RYA say that “boat ownership is all about freedom and having fun. The RYA’s Active Marina Programme is designed to help you get more out of life with your boat. The programme encourages and supports increased berth holder activity by partnering with marinas, RYA recognised training centres, berth holder groups and yacht clubs to establish or enhance a programme of training, cruising and social opportunities.”

We couldn’t agree more, boating should be fun, but it is also important that you are confident in what you are doing. So we are adopting the program across our marinas and bringing it to inland boaters as well as coastal.

The best bit of this is that you get to decide what you want to get involved in, if anything at all. With exception of the RYA certified training or a bit of fuel for cruising, there are no extra costs for BWML contract berth holders.


We host two social events at each marina every year. Being an Active Marina means that these can be extended and you will have more opportunities to join in a meet other berth holders. Each marina will have their own social program, so please talk with a member of staff about what they can offer.


Water can be dangerous, and it is good to know what you are doing. From time to time we run informal training sessions to help you become more informed about various aspects of boating. There are special sessions for beginners. Familiarisation can be offered for those who just want a bit of help rather than training. Some of our marinas are RYA training centres where we can offer full RYA courses.


At some of our marinas, we can organise short cruises; a great way to see more of our beautiful waterways, mastering locks along the way. We provide details of cruising routes at many marinas for those who are happy to get out on their own or with friends. Linked with this is our reciprocal mooring scheme where you can get free visitor moorings at other BWML marinas.

Training Partners

BWML is dedicated to offering as many training opportunities to our berth holders as possible. If there is a particular course we don’t offer we can often assist you to get the right training by signposting you to one of our Training Partners who are approved to deliver the RYA training you are looking for.

Other features of our RYA Active Marinas Programme include:

  • Short informal training sessions for beginners.
  • Assisted passages to help arrive safely (available at Hull and Limehouse).
  • Water Safety awareness training for families or small groups.
  • First Aid training specially tailored for boaters.
  • VHF Radio (short range course) for river and estuary cruising.
  • Boat Sure—ideal for novices, includes basic bends and hitches (knots) and preparing to go cruising.
  • Plus more—check with your local marina office to see what they can do help you get more out of your boat…


1. What is RYA Active Marinas?
All BWML marinas are Active Marinas and have a Social Programme, some of our larger marinas can offer Cruising and Training too. This can be in partnership with the marina boat or yacht club.

2. Do I need a special promotion code to join?
Yes, talk to your local marina manager or a member of the marina team who will be able to assist you.

3. Does it matter whether I am a leisure or residential berth holder?
No absolutely not. Provided you have a live contract with BWML you can benefit from the membership offer. Where we provide hardstanding for boats it includes you too.

4. What do the RYA do?
The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is the national body for all forms of boating, including dinghy and yacht racing, motor and sailing cruising, RIBs and sports boats, powerboat racing, windsurfing, canal and river boat cruising, and personal watercraft.

Why berth with us in a BWML marina?

  • Leisure and Full Planning Approved Residential Moorings.
  • Well trained staff who are ready to help or assist you.
  • Members of The Yacht and Harbour Association, British Marine and Royal Yachting Association to help you get more out of your boat.
  • We offer certified RYA training at Sawley (Midlands), Limehouse (London) and Hull (Yorkshire) with plans underway to extend our coverage across the North and South West this year.
  • Arrange a family or group training session—we will come to you.

New to boating or need some help mastering your new boat? Contact us and we can help:

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