Selling your boat

If the time has come and you need to sell your boat to perhaps move to a different craft, maybe trading up to a larger boat, changing from a narrow beam to a wide-beam, or leaving boating altogether; whatever your reason, BWML will assist you to get the very best value for your pride and joy.

There are 3 options open to you:

  1. BWML Brokerage
  2. Privately selling
  3. Appoint a broker

This guide briefly outlines each option.

BWML Brokerage Boat Sales

Our expert brokers operate from Sawley Marina, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 3AE. They have a proven marketing process and have successfully sold all type of craft from small cruisers to high quality wide-beam boats and Dutch Barges.

You will need to bring your boat to the Sawley Marina dedicated sales area, which is well known and highly visited, where our experienced staff will get the best price for your boat in the shortest possible time.

The BWML Brokerage fixed rate selling fees are very competitive, and make it easy for you to calculate the amount you will receive from the proceeds of the sale of your boat. Sawley Marina can also manage sales for boats which are berthed at Kings Marina.

You do not have to have a current mooring contract for your boat to use this service, nor does your boat need to be licensed as it can be left with us on a trade plate. Your boat will be listed on the BWML Brokerage website and social media channels. The Brokerage team will take pictures of your boat and prepare specifications sheets that are displayed in the Brokerage office. The Brokerage team will also manage viewings, do the negotiating for you with interested parties, arrange surveys and take purchasers out on demonstration cruises.

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Private Sale

If you are considering selling your boat privately, then please see a member of staff at your marina and make sure that you complete Part 1 of our Sale On Berth Request Form.

This option may at first seem the low cost option, and it may well be. However, you will need to do the viewings, arrange your own marketing, keeping the marina informed of visitors and boat sales progress. This type of transaction attracts a Sale on Berth fee of 5% (minimum charge of £200 + VAT) of the achieved sale price of your boat, is subject to VAT at the standard rate and is payable by the vendor. An invoice for this amount will be raised by BWML when you have sold your boat.

The boat must remain at the marina and no transfer of mooring to the purchaser will be possible until this is paid. In full.

Whilst you are selling your boat in this way you must have a current mooring contract with us. BWML will assist your sales efforts by listing your craft on our website free of charge with contact details, a photograph of the boat and short details supplied by yourself.

The use of non-boat broker websites to assist the selling of the craft is acceptable, for which you as the seller may be charged a listing fee by the host.

Appointed Broker

Boats are listed on the broker’s website and other sites they may be associated with, ensuring you get the best coverage of the potential market. As the seller you will be exchanging brokerage contract terms with the selected broker and upon completion of the sale, be making payment of fees to the broker.

When you select your Appointed Broker, they will need to register with BWML for this opportunity and be required to complete and exchange the Broker Agency Agreement Form with BWML. This can be done at your local marina.

The appointed broker will be required to pay to BWML for the opportunity a commission fee of 0.5% of the boat sale price plus VAT, this will need to be paid upon completion of the sale by the broker to BWML and the berth will not be allowed to be transferred to the new owner of the boat until this has been paid.

BWML will assist the brokers sales efforts by listing your craft on our website free of charge with contact details, a photograph of the boat and short details supplied by your-self.

Please note: A Berth Transfer Fee will be payable by the purchaser if they wish to take up the existing berth that the boat occupies. This is currently 5% of the sale price plus VAT at the standard rate (minimum charge £200 + VAT), and is payable prior to the purchaser taking up the mooring as a new customer. The appointed broker will ensure this is detailed in the particulars of the sale.