Working on your boat

Getting the most out of your boat involves maintaining it and we want to help you do that safely and in consideration of other people. So we have some simple rules…

Talk to a member of staff

Our staff are trained to help you as best as possible and should be able to answer any questions that you might have when it comes to working on your boat.

Before starting any work, it is always best to talk to a member of staff first who can best answer any questions that you might have and also make sure that you know the site rules.

You can find information in our Terms and Conditions which are available on our website or from a member of staff.

We also provide an information pack on Working on Craft which helps you understand what we class as minor and major work and what we want you to take into consideration when carrying out work or getting a tradesperson in to work on your boat.

Is it major or minor work?

Minor works tend to be straight forward, lower risk bits of maintenance. They don’t really impact the people or environment around your boat. We have a booklet and our staff are trained to make sure you know what we class as minor works.

For minor works, just…

  • Let us know
  • Let your neighbours know
  • Consider the work and make sure you protect yourself and any helpers, your property, other people’s property and our infrastructure
  • Also make sure you report any incidents or accidents, spills or damage straight away
  • Tidy the area afterwards and make sure all equipment is put away

Planning major works

Major works can be restricted at some of our marinas because we don’t always have the best environment or space for them to be carried out safely. We also restrict ‘hot works’—things like grinding and welding. They are only permitted in a couple of our marinas and only on issue of a hot works permit.

So, it is best to speak with a member of staff first because not all major works can be carried out on your berth.

If you do carry out major works, you will need a copy of our Working on Craft booklet and you will need to complete the risk assessment form that is provided in this booklet to show how you plan to carry the work out safely.

Professional help

If you are using a contractor, engineer or specialist to carry some work out on your boat, it is really important that you let us know.

They will need to come in and see us before they start any work so that they can register with us. They will need to provide us with copies of:

  • their public liability insurance
  • risk assessments and method statements for their planned works
  • for more specialist works, we will need to see their competency certificates

Most contractors are used to this and normally have their documents with them, so it shouldn’t cause a problem or delay their work to your boat.

Some contractors are used by a lot of people on the marina and so will already have registered with us. Each marina will have a list of registered contractors that you can look through.

BWML workshops

You might also find our Marine services, boat yard & workshop guide helpful

Not only will you find local tradespeople at each marina, but we also provide some services directly.

We have a workshop and mobile workshop facility based at Glasson Basin Marina with extremely experienced staff who can help you with larger, more skilled, specialist or insurance works.

Glasson Marine Services