Limehouse Marina is ideally located in central London between the City of London and Canary Wharf. It connects the River Lee (via the Limehouse Cut), the Regents Canal and the River Thames.

This is an ideal location for all river, canal and sea going pleasure craft. The 90 berth marina with excellent modern facilities is an oasis of calm in London. The marina makes a perfect base from which to explore London and the surrounding waterways.

Please note: The recycling, as detailed on the map, has been suspended and is not currently available on site.

Plan of Limehouse Basin Marina

Plan of Limehouse Basin Marina Download this plan in PDF format

Locking Procedure

All visitors are requested to pre-book a lock time in advance through Limehouse Office or directly with lock keepers. Vessels capable of navigating the Canal System are required to hold a valid Canal and River Trust (CRT) Licence without a CRT Licence we will not be able to permit entry. Larger vessels which are berthed in Limehouse Basin Marina do not require a CRT Licence.

General Locking Requirements

All vessels are to rig fenders on both sides and prepare lines as required. Enter the lock on the green light and go as far forward into the lock as possible or as directed by the duty lock keeper. An aft line is required initially to act as brake, then a forward line. Secure your lines to the lock cable risers (steel wires evenly spaced along the lock from the top to the bottom). Please do not secure to the ladders. You may use the bollards initially on arrival but you must switch to the risers before the lock cycle commences. Please switch off engines if instructed by the lock keeper.

Swing Bridge

On occasions, it will be necessary to open the swing bridge to allow access to Limehouse Lock. This is dependent on tide and air draft of vessel, please follow instructions given by duty lock keeper.


Limehouse Basin Marina maintains a listening watch on VHF channel 80. Inbound vessels should call “Limehouse Marina” when they reach Canary Wharf or from up river at Tower bridge. Skippers without VHF radio should contact the duty lock keeper on 07766774726. Please note that due to waterfront apartments transmission may occasionally be broken.

Limehouse Traffic light system is as follows:

■ RED — Do not enter

■ RED and ■ GREEN — Standby

■ GREEN — Proceed into the lock

Skippers of vessels staying in Limehouse Basin Marina will receive a welcome pack with details of allocated berth. Craft who are transiting to Lime Cut or Regents Canal will receive instructions on transit through Limehouse Basin. Please exit when instructed by the lock keeper.


Please contact the lock keeper on channel 80 or 07766774726 before leaving your berth.

Limehouse Traffic light system is as follows:

■ RED — Do not enter

■ RED and ■ GREEN — Standby

■ GREEN — Proceed into the lock

Please exit lock when instructed by the lock keeper. Upon leaving Limehouse Lock please sound ONE LONG BLAST on your horn just before you reach the end of the lock cut. This means “I am about to enter the fairway”. Please leave the lock with caution whilst maintaining an all-round look out. Vessels may encounter strong currents as soon as you leave the shelter of the cut and should also be aware that—because of the blind bend just down river vessels may suddenly come up on you quickly.

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