New waiting wall for Hull Marina

Over the last 3 months a specialist team has been designing and working on our spectacular new waiting wall in the outer basin.
This was a concept developed to try and simplify the set up whilst waiting for a lock in.

Hull marina at one time had a waiting pontoon which required regular maintenance.  This meant we had nothing over the winter months whilst we carried out these works.  The new waiting wall requires little to no maintenance which means we have a reliable option for vessels all year round.

How does it work?

The new waiting wall means you can simply raft up alongside in the exact same manner you would within the lock.  You needn’t alter your fenders when you enter the lock or even have to worry about stepping off your vessel.

The protocol:

The waiting wall was designed to be utilized by vessels waiting to enter Hull marina 3 hours either side of HW. It is not yet suitable for waiting at LW.


A Huge thanks to Carl Dickinson and his team for creating this extremely useful engineering masterpiece!