Residential Moorings

More than just a mooring; as well as a secure home for your boat a BWML residential mooring can have the advantage of many inclusive benefits:

  • Residential storage box: No charge
  • Post handling: No charge
  • Reciprocal moorings: No charge for up to 28 days at any BWML marina
  • Insurance: 20% off with Towergate freshwater scheme
  • Chandlery: 10% off most purchases

If you have any questions or enquiries please contact us or telephone 0115 9077 433.

Amazing Residential moorings deals available now at the following marinas:

Prices are inclusive of composite council tax, pumpouts, launderette tokens, wifi, storage box, designated parking, and VAT. Value up to £650 per annum based on average usage.

Full range of benefits not yet available at all sites. Terms and conditions apply. Please contact individual marinas for details.

Our Marinas with Residential Boat Moorings